May 2020 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

This month we have had HUGE support from our community. These brilliant ladies carried out a sponsored silence and cake raffle in aid of our animals here at Hillfield Animal Home on 29th May 2020. They raised an amazing and impressive amount of £3000!
We will be placing a plaque at the centre in memory of Paul Davenport. Paul was a 6ft 3 Grenadier Guard but a real softy with animals. He took in stray cats, in fact he took in anything he could help. His daughter and granddaughter took part in the sponsored silence and inherited his love for animals!

This money will help us to continue looking after these poor souls that end up with us. Please feel free to check out just some of the stories we have had from the past month and their happy endings below. 



On the 17th April 2020, we were given the go ahead from head office and DEFRA to continue adoptions with very strict guidelines.

We are over the moon to say that we have managed to re-home 29 cats, 13 dogs, 5 rabbits and 2 guinea pigs so far!

We have at all times ensured that the guidelines have been followed and our staff and the public have not been put at any risk. 

Alfred & Rosie

These beautiful gingers have had quite the journey! They originally came to us in March 2019 and it wasn’t long until they were adopted. Unfortunately they were returned in December 2019 as they were messing in the house.
We were really sad to see them back but we were determined to find their final home this time.
They are father and daughter so we definitely did not want to split them up, they both have some minor health problems and they are also aged 9 and 11 years. Older cats are usually harder to re-home but we knew there would be someone special willing to look past all of this and give them the love they very much deserve.

After having a couple of failed reservations, a wonderful lady and gentleman came along in May 2020. They were happy to look past their imperfections and see what amazing and beautiful souls these two are. They are now being spoilt rotten and getting more love than they could ever imagine.
Their new owner recently sent us this update:

“They are absolutely adorable! We love them, they are proper fusspots so it’s fair to say they are staying. To see my daughter smile as much as she has with Rosie has really made my day and made me realise that I’ve definitely made the right decision. Thank you for putting your trust in us to look after them they will be well looked after and spoilt rotten!”


Sweet little Dudley was born at the centre on 21/04/2019 along with his two sisters. 
Their mum came in to the centre a couple of weeks previous heavily pregnant after being a long term stray. 
We looked after mum and kittens and once the kittens were 8-9 weeks old they were ready to “fly the nest” and start their own chapter. 
Dudley was re-homed in June 2019 and has settled beautifully. We recently received a card from his owner to say how great he’s doing with some lovely pictures, he has grown into such a big boy!


Cher was one of our longest residents here at Hillfield Animal Home from last year. She came to us in August 2019! 
Unfortunately we find that black rabbits do tend to stay with us longer, it’s the same with black cats. She is also 4-5 years old so this may have been why we struggled to re-home her.   

After having no interest from anyone we were very concerned for this little sweetheart. 
Thankfully in May 2020 we finally had a lady from up North contact us to say that Cher was just what she was looking for and we were thrilled! She had a male rabbit who was desperate for a friend so after a lot of discussion about how to bond rabbits, we were able to go ahead with adoption. 

Following the strict guidelines during lockdown, we had Cher transported up North where she met her new owners. We soon had an update to say that she was settling great and her new boyfriend seemed happy to have a friend.

We are over the moon that Cher has finally found her forever home and very grateful to her new owners!



Our happy go lucky boy, Chase, has had his ups and downs over the past 8 months. He came to us in September 2019 and was adopted in October. We were very confident that he would be ok in his new home but sadly they had to bring him back in May 2020 as he nipped the children. 
He was such a cheeky lad and had his quirks, as they all do. We knew then that he needed a home with no children as we definitely did not want him to come to us for a third time. 

Luckily his second stay with us only lasted 6 days as we found the PERFECT home for him. 
We get regular updates, he seems to have found his happy place and is thriving! 

Here is a quote from his new owner:

“Since Chase has come into the Brealey household he has been the perfect puppy. He definitely lives up to his name with running up and down the garden with his favourite tennis balls. He loves his walks twice a day and couldn’t of wished for a more loving, healthy, fuss free dog. Definitely man’s best friend, life wouldn’t be the same. Thank you RSPCA so much for all your help and support from start to finish with the process of adoption, if your considering it, do it! Life changing.”

If you would like to help us continue finding these gorgeous animals new homes then we would really appreciate if you could donate using the button below! Thank you for your support.