June 2020 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

The last few months have been extremely tough for our Animal Home. We have been unable to hold any fundraising events, meaning our funds are increasingly dropping.
However, we are incredibly lucky because we have such amazing supporters. If you saw last month’s blog, you would have seen that a few members from the Facebook group “Hearts of gold” raised £3000 for us by doing a sponsored silence and cake raffle! 
Recently we had an influx of kittens and, due to our food order being delayed, started to struggle as the kitten food was rapidly running out. It got to the point where staff members had to go to the shop on a daily basis in hope the next day our delivery would come. 
When “Hearts of gold” got wind of our problem, they sprung into action again and managed to donate a very generous amount of kitten food, as you can see below. 


We have been just as lucky this month because a very generous boy named Oliver who is 11 years old has come forward to raise money for our animals. He will be walking 5 laps of his local park EVERY DAY of July and has already raised £124!
He is clearly a huge animal lover and we love to see younger generations be so caring towards other living creatures as it is SO important! 
If you would like to sponsor and encourage Oliver’s fundraiser, please click the button below:

We have been able to carry out adoptions from the 17th April 2020, following very strict guidelines from RSPCA headquarters and DEFRA, ensuring the safety of staff and public at all times.
We are pleased to say that we have managed to successfully re-home 36 cats, 16 dogs, 11 rabbits and 2 guinea pigs!
Check out some of our success stories below from June 2020!


Poor Jerry has had a hard time over the last few months. He came to us in March 2020 and we knew very little about his past. It was clear that he had lost a little trust in humans as he was very easily spooked and nervous when coming in to contact with people.
After lots and lots of socialisation and building up his trust, he slowly started to show his incredibly sweet side. You honestly couldn’t wish for a more gentle and loving boy once he knows you!
Luckily, a lovely couple came along in June and saw past his nervous nature and really wanted to give him a chance. Thankfully he went to his fabulous new home on 28th June 2020!
His new owners have sent us an update with some lovely photo’s:

“Jerry is doing really well, he was initially quite shy (understandably) and spent most of the first day hiding under our sofa bed but once he had eaten some food he has really chilled out and seems quite relaxed. Thanks again to all of the staff at RSPCA Burton, we can tell that you must have put so much work in for him to be so relaxed and comfortable around us.”

Billy & Thumpy

Billy and Thumpy have quite the story! 
These two beauties actually came to us separately, Thumpy in February 2020 and Billy in April 2020. 
We tend to keep our rabbits separate unless someone specifically asks us to bond them as we get a lot of people coming to us with a rabbit that needs one friend.
However, in June, these two had a lucky break and a wonderful family came along asking if we could try Billy and Thumpy together. We try our best to give all of the animals the best chance so we carefully put them in separate pens next to each other. WELL.. straight away they showed really positive behaviour and Thumpy even did a bit of flirting!
The family were thrilled, came to meet them and fell in love. Thankfully we were able to do the necessary checks very quickly and they were adopted on 26th June.
They are now settling in their new home, absolutely loving life! Their new owner’s sent us some pictures of them in their new home and Billy even introduced himself on the first day to their existing rabbit. They are of course taking the careful steps to bonding as it isn’t something that happens overnight but so far so good! 
Here is a quote from their new owner:

“Billy and Thumpy are settling in well and eating and drinking normally. Billy was straight down the ramp and introducing himself to Cheddar. Thumpy has been making herself at home in her hutch but is still quite nervous. The boys have been stroking her gently and talking quietly to her so she gets used to us. We used the rabbit carrier to move Thumpy to the ground floor of her apartment yesterday and after a while of getting used to it she loved it. She’s now up and down the ramp all of the time and she’s getting on well with both of the lads through the cage!”


Although the majority of our animals have quite a sad background or reason for coming to us, Nugget’s story is particularly heartbreaking. 
He is around 10 years old and came to our centre on 10th January 2020 as part of a cruelty case. Unfortunately Nugget was not treated with love and kindness before coming to us and was in quite a state. Due to this, he had some trust issues and could sometimes be unpredictable. He also has some health issues such as losing his sight, arthritis and anal furunculosis. His medication is very costly so we knew from the beginning he was going to be a difficult dog to re-home but we were determined not to give up on this handsome hunk and find someone willing to work with him and be able to afford his unfortunate medical problems. 

One of our loyal volunteers came forward, as she is a massive German Shepherd lover, and wanted to give him a chance to see if he would settle in her home. 
We decided to give it a shot because she is very experienced and knowledgeable about the breed, his medical conditions and his behaviour. She took him for a trial in June and as soon as she got him home he acted like a puppy again! He quickly learnt that she was there to care for him and love him.
We are very thankful that she could look past his imperfections because he is a real sweet soul underneath all of that fur! 
The new owner officially adopted him on 29th June 2020 and we are lucky enough to get regular updates <3 

If you would like to help us continue finding these gorgeous animals new homes then we would really appreciate if you could donate using the button below! Thank you for your support.