July 2020 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

The last few months have been extremely tough for our Animal Home. We have been unable to hold any fundraising events, meaning our funds are increasingly dropping.
However, we are incredibly lucky because we have such amazing supporters.

For example, a very generous boy named Oliver who is 11 years old has come forward to raise money for our animals. He has walked 5 laps of his local park EVERY DAY of July and has already raised £339!
He is clearly a huge animal lover and we love to see younger generations be so caring towards other living creatures as it is SO important! 
If you would like to sponsor and encourage Oliver’s fundraiser, please click the button below:

Some of you may have seen, Hillfield Animal Home were lucky enough to be featured on the Midlands News on 23rd July 2020! 
Our Cattery Supervisor, Hayley, did a brilliant job of explaining how sad we feel when animals are carelessly abandoned. Our Centre Manager, Christine, also made an appearance and did a fantastic job at getting across that you shouldn’t be adopting during lockdown if you can’t commit when you go back to work. 
See the clip for yourself below!

We have been able to carry out adoptions from the 17th April 2020, following very strict guidelines from RSPCA headquarters and DEFRA, ensuring the safety of staff and public at all times.
We are pleased to say that we have managed to successfully re-home 55 cats, 27 dogs, 14 rabbits and 2 guinea pigs!
Check out some of our success stories below from July 2020!


Our beautiful girl, Jessica, came to us in May 2020 after being abandoned in a box with her four kittens. You may recognise this as they were mentioned in our news appearance!
Even though she appeared to have had no love and consideration from her previous owner, she has always displayed trust and affection to our staff, and anyone she meets in fact.
She was always a fantastic mother to her four babies and once her motherly duties were coming to an end, it was finally time for Jessica to find the home she deserves and receive the love she craves so badly!
Her gorgeous little face caught the eye of a few people but a really lovely lady and her mum came down almost immediately and fell completely in love with her. We were over the moon at how dedicated and invested they were in making sure they were doing everything right for Jessica so it was a no brainer when they said they wanted to adopt her. 
She went to her new home on 25th July 2020 and it’s like she has always been a part of their lives. Her new family have sent us an update below:

“She’s settled in really well, she loves sitting in the window and has now found her new favourite chair to sleep on. She sits on the end of my bed and greets me in the morning.
We absolutely love her to bits and feel so lucky to have her!”


Cupcake came to us in February 2020 after her companion died and the owner’s decided they weren’t in a position to look after her and get her a new friend. 
We always say that it is best to keep rabbit in pairs as they are very social animals and can often get depressed being on their own so we are thankful that the owners decided to give her a second chance with us rather than let her live alone. 
Unfortunately we don’t think Cupcake had received as much handling and attention as she needed as she was quite a nervous little girl. We also found that with other rabbits, Cupcake was quite dominant but we didn’t give up as she did show signs of wanting to bond. 
Thankfully a very kind lady came to see her as she was looking for a female friend for her boy bunny. Taking a very careful approach, we tried them together and felt as though given time they would get on great and be very happy together. It looks as though we were right because look at the wonderful photo’s the owner has sent recently!
She also wrote a short quote about how she is doing:

“I approached the RSPCA following the loss of my rabbit, to adopt a companion for my other rabbit, Storm. Cupcake is settling in well and she is definitely the boss! It was great working with the team at Burton, who are extremely dedicated in looking after the pets in their care and finding their perfect homes.”


Crazy boy Monty found himself with us at the end of June 2020 after his owner’s struggled with his high energy around their young child. He is a lovely dog and really loves everyone he meets but just needed someone who could give him the time and energy release that he needs. 
Luckily he wasn’t with us long as he had a very high number of people wanting to take him on and give him a loving home. He was adopted on 18th July 2020 and is now settling into a home where he gets all of the attention and lots of walkies! 
Monty’s only down side is that he hasn’t been socialised with other dogs but his new family are getting a behaviourist to sort this out and we are thrilled because it shows that they are super dedicated and want the best for him. The update below just shows that if you give an animal time and patience, they will soon flourish. As you can see from the pictures, he is very content and happy already and loves to sun himself in the garden! 
We received an update from his new owners:

“Monty settled in just fine. He was quite barky the first couple of nights, but he is now settled on an evening. He just needs time to get used to different noises. He is such a good Bull Terrier, he listens and is very loving. We are introducing him slowly to other dogs when out and about, he sometimes feels a bit threatened and can growl, again with time he will settle. Adopting from you was absolutely brilliant, we were lucky to be picked as he was quite popular apparently. You guys certainly made it easy for us and we are grateful to have him.” 



We would love to share a really special story about lovely Lottie.

In October 2018 Lottie arrived as a skinny, urine stained, bedraggled stray with fur loss so bad her tail was as skinny as a rats… BUT JUST LOOK AT HER NOW!

Sadly Lottie’s adoption in 2018 didn’t work out and she was returned to us in September 2019… but at least this meant we got to appreciate her stunning transformation. Gone was the skinny tail and in it’s place was a beautiful thick coat of fur. She had gained weight brilliantly and quite literally looked like a different cat.

Lottie was still the sweet, gentle, friendly and outgoing girl she always was. Her owners that returned her had mentioned that she had a tendency to scratch at carpets so we knew that new owners would need to take this on board and understand Lottie might be a little hands on with the upholstery! 
Thankfully her second stay wasn’t long at all and she was adopted again on 30th September 2019 and she hasn’t looked back since. Her coat has continued to improve and she is still showing her truly amazing personality. Please do take the time to read the update below because we are so heart warmed by it and so grateful that she is now settled and happy. 

“She is so gentle and has loved lockdown with all of the company and fuss. She follows me around and meows at me for attention. She will run and drop to the floor in front of you for a belly rub and loves being groomed by her mummy. She was adopted as a house cat but has enjoyed joining us in the garden and basking in the sun. She has mastered her balancing and hunting skills whilst being outside though! On an evening she will curl up on the sofa between mummy and daddy and when we’re ready for bed she runs upstairs into her spot under the bed where she sleeps. 
Overall she has settled in really well with the other two cats and is loving life and even better I’m enjoying life with her in it.”

If you would like to help us continue finding these gorgeous animals new homes then we would really appreciate if you could donate using the button below! Thank you for your support.