August 2020 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

The past 5 months have been extremely difficult here at Hillfield Animal Home and, like many other charities, our funds have dipped as we are unable to hold any fundraising events. We rely heavily on the generosity of the public, therefore if you are able to help in any way, we would really appreciate it.

We have been able to carry out adoptions from the 17th April 2020, following very strict guidelines from RSPCA headquarters and DEFRA, ensuring the safety of staff and public at all times.

We are pleased to say that we have managed to successfully re-home 69 cats, 29 dogs, 15 rabbits and 2 guinea pigs!
Check out some of our success stories below from late July and August 2020!


Eight year old Bruno had quite the journey with us here. He originally arrived in January 2020 with another dog, Roxy, after his owner could not meet their needs and they were hardly being walked. This meant that Bruno found the world quite a scary place. Unfortunately he turned on the dog that he arrived with so they had to be separated. 
The kennel staff worked super hard with this handsome boy and after some time he learnt to trust people again and a structured routine in the kennels really helped him. 
The dog he came in with was adopted in March but sadly Bruno still hadn’t found his new home by July. The owners of the other dog approached us because they really wanted to see if Bruno and Roxy would get on together again. We were so excited and our fingers were crossed that he would settle back with Roxy but unfortunately it didn’t work out so we were back on the hunt for his forever home. 
Luckily, the perfect couple came down and fell in love with him immediately! After meeting him a few times they decided to take him home to see how he adapted to a new environment..
Bruno has not looked back since! He was adopted on 8th August and has settled amazingly, He really is the apple of their eye. We are over the moon to have eventually found the perfect home for this very loving boy. His new owners have even purchased a new car just so Bruno is more comfortable and has the space that he needs! 
His new family have been sending us wonderful updates and pictures, please see below:

“Just to let you know that Bruno is settling in well. He seems very happy and comfortable in his new environment. He has decided that the house and garden are his territory and is now taking an active interest in monitoring everyone’s activity. He’s eating well, going for walks on his lead and not disturbing us at night. He even coped well with the thunder storm last night, certainly better than any of the other dogs we have had. He’s a big softy and we’re pleased to have him! “


Sweet little Cocopop came to our centre in May 2020 after being found collapsed in someone’s garden struggling to breathe. After an immediate vet visit, it was found that she was severely dehydrated and had cat flu. 
Luckily cat flu is treatable so she started her medication straight away. After a couple of weeks her flu cleared up and we were able to take her for another vet visit. As she is an older girl, we carried out a geriatric blood test to ensure there wasn’t anything nasty going on. This little cutie is a miracle because it was found that she is very healthy for her age and only has some minor kidney function difficulties which can be helped with a renal diet. 
As soon as she was ready we put her up for adoption and we really thought we would have people fighting over her because just look at that pretty face! 
Sadly we found that her age seemed to put people off so we carried out an appeal on our social media and she was also mentioned on our news appearance in July. This appeal really did it’s job because we had a few people approach us.
She found her perfect match and was quickly adopted on the 28th July! Her new family sent a lovely update, please see below:

“After a short time with this delightful little feline, we can happily say all is well. She is cute, cheeky, crafty and very quickly taken over our home. We are allowed to stay, as long as we give huge amounts of fuss together with food on demand!

She plays just like a kitten and loves the views, you can see her on her favourite chair looking out at the bird activity on the garden in the photo’s below. 
When she is being fussed she purrs like a Rolls Royce and is prone to tearing around the house like a Duracell bunny! She is definitely a kitten disguised as an old cat.”


Beautiful boy, Len, found himself here in March 2020 when he was reported as a long term stray. We found that he clearly hadn’t received love and affection for a long time as he was really weary of any human contact. We actually felt at first that he may have gone too far and become feral but we didn’t want to come to this conclusion until we worked with him first. 
It’s lucky we did because he has done a complete u-turn and really starting to enjoy being around humans. We owe a lot of this to his new owner because she fostered him for a while and really gained his trust. At first he hid and would swipe regularly but after spending lots and lots of time with him, he started to sit on her lap and enjoy being stroked! 
She decided he belonged with her and adopted him on 30th July 2020 and he continues to improve. He is so happy with her that he doesn’t even want to venture outside!

“It appears Len does not want to go outside now, he sits on the doorstep for ten minutes and that’s it! He has not drawn blood for weeks now, I’m thinking the bites were not aggressive at all, just he didn’t know how to communicate. He still does it, just not as hard! Despite you thinking he would never be a cuddly cat.. you were so wrong! I can even pick him up and give him a cuddle, who’d have thought it!? Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt, he’s a great kitty (apart from the food obsession!)” 



Patch is a 5 year old English Spot who arrived here way back in November 2019 after his owner sadly had to have a long stay in hospital. He has always been a delight to be around and he has a really sweet nature. 

Overall, Patch spent 8 months at our centre and was our longest resident rabbit for a while. We believe this was due to the fact he is older and also has a few minor health issues with his eyes and teeth. We were desperate for him to find a home with a female rabbit who he could spend his retirement with and receive the companionship that he deserves. 

As you can see below, he finally found this when he was adopted on 9th August! The bonding process is going well with his new girlfriend and the new owners are being extremely responsible as they are doing everything at a slow pace so that they have the best chance at living together eventually. They decided to change his name to Pipkin, which we think suits him very well!

“Pipkin has settled in very well and is very chilled. He even coped with the thunderstorm ok! They have made a positive start to bonding. They did “box” through the bars for a couple of days but inside, in neutral space, they snuggle together. He even got groomed last night! Just thinking of ways to take this behaviour outside where my doe seems more defensive. If she can get over that they should be fine. Will continue to take things one day at a time and may try them in a play pen in the garden. He is a sweet bunny!”