We now use to register stray animals that are brought into the Animal Centre. The service is free to use if you wish to place a found animal, however there is a small charge if you wish to advertise your missing pet.

If your pet is missing, also feel free to send us a picture, which we will post it on our Facebook wall.

Any veterinary surgery, rescue centre or dog warden will always scan every animal for a micro-chip. If your animal is not micro-chipped please call us and make an appointment – it only costs £10 to save all the worry again. Please see our Microchipping page for more information.


The East Staffs Borough Council website states:

A stray dog is any dog which is running free in a public place or on any other land where it is not permitted to be. It does not matter whether the dog has escaped by accident or that it was let loose on purpose. Any dog without a person in charge of it is therefore classed as a stray.

A contractor will, on behalf of East Staffordshire Borough Council, collect stray dogs. However, please note that only dogs that are held or contained by the person who found them will be collected. The Council does not have a dog catcher and will not send out their contractor unless they have contact details and an address to collect from.

Unwanted or abandoned pet dogs will not be collected and our contractor cannot deal with dogs that are running loose or have just been seen running around the neighbourhood.

South Derbyshire Dog wardens
01283 221000

Lichfield District Council
01543 308000

Tamworth Dog Warden

East Staffordshire Stray Dogs
01283 508000

East Staffs Borough Council
01283 595795