Losing a beloved pet is a heart-breaking experience. Many animals get lost or are stolen every year so micro-chipping is the answer to ensuring your lost pet can find its way back home. We provide micro-chipping services for dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets. Micro-chipping is a very quick procedure and involves a small injection in the scruff of the neck to insert the chip. The unique number is then registered on a national register. Any animal found straying will automatically be checked for a micro-chip when they are found by vets, dog wardens, police and animal charities. The unique number will be registered to you and your address so you will soon be reunited with your pet.



It’s too painful

Microchips are just like vaccinations. Some dogs/cats are bothered about it, whereas others don’t even react! It is a moment of discomfort for a lifetime of security. If your pet is lost, they are far more likely to find their way back to you if they are microchipped. We have so many cats brought into our Centre as strays that have at one point at least had loving homes, but it is nearly impossible to track down the owners without a microchip.

My cat/dog wears a collar and tag so they don’t need a microchip

Collars and tags are easily lost or removed whereas microchips are permanent. All dogs by law must wear a tag at all times with their owner’s contact details but that does not mean that they don’t need a microchip. Cats in particular can often easily remove collars, especially if they are wisely wearing a safety collar.

I’ve heard that microchips are dangerous

There is no evidence that microchips cause any harm to animals implanted with them.


Either book in with your local vets, or book an appointment with us 01283 569 165. We charge £10 per animal and vet costs will vary. You will complete paperwork which the implanter will then send off for registration – you don’t have to do anything! Just remember to contact the microchip company (using the contact details on your copy of the registration form) if you change your contact numbers and/or your address.

Microchips are only effective and worth-while if your details are kept up to date.