November 2021 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

Welcome to our November 2021 blog..

Since the beginning of October we have taken in 45 cats, 21 dogs and 1 rabbit. 
It is expected for us to take in more animals at this time of year but sadly it seems worse this year. We are getting dogs in that have not had the socialisation they need and “lockdown puppies” that people don’t have time for anymore. It is breaking our hearts that so many animals have to suffer so we beg that if you are wanting an animal, PLEASE do your research and consider the fact your circumstances may change in the future and the animal will need to fit into your lifestyle. 
Our cat and rabbit adoptions have gone very quiet recently. We usually find that during the colder months we get more people wanting to rehome their rabbits and less wanting to adopt. Due to the lack of adoptions, our waiting lists are building up and more and more animals are waiting to come to us. 
If you know anyone who is wanting a rabbit or feline addition, please send them our way! 

Our lovely duo, Chesney and Crystal, have become quite famous over the last month. We are desperate to get them a home for Christmas so we have had them published on lots of different newspapers and websites and even had a visit from Radio Derby on the 30th November! These two were the stars of their breakfast show and we are hoping this is enough for us to find their special home at last. If you are interested in adopting this beautiful pair, please click the button below:

To have a listen of the Radio Derby breakfast show that Chesney and Crystal were on, click the link below! We are on the show at 1:46, 2:15 and 2:50! 

It's that time of year again when we are especially desperate for your support and with the help of The Pets at Home Foundation, you can help a rescue animal this Christmas! For more information, please ask the staff at your local Pets at Home about the Santa Paws appeal next time you visit

To find out more, click below!

A huge thank you to the pupils and staff at Blessed Robert Sutton school in Burton for their very generous donations at the start of November!
We appreciate every donation and think it is very special that these children had it in their hearts to want to give to such a good cause. Our animals were very pleased!


I’m sure most of you will recognise this beautiful face! For those of you that don’t, this is our beautiful girl Nala.
She came to us way back in October 2020 after being taken from her owner, along with five other dogs, due to their ears being illegally cropped. Ear cropping is a barbaric mutilation of a dogs ears which is illegal in this country. 
Within a month of her stay she gave birth to puppies and, at such a young age, she should not have had to go through this on top of everything else. 
Even though she has been through so much and she had to stay in kennels for 13 months whilst her court case was going through, she has always been such a delight and a firm favourite with our staff and volunteers. 
Their previous owner was prosecuted and thankfully never had any of the dogs back and most have now been re-homed and living a life of luxury at last! 
Our big softy Nala was re-homed on the 1st November 2021 and she has landed herself the most perfect and wonderful home, we really couldn’t have asked for anything better for our girl. Their new owners keep us regularly updated and we get a giggle every now and then hearing her little quirks and what a couch potato she has turned into! 
None of the dogs had ever been in a home environment so all of them have had to adapt to every day things such as the TV, washing machine, hoover, etc. Thankfully, Nala has dealt with this all very well and we are told that she actually loves to watch TV! 
Please have a read of what her new owners have to say below.. 

“We’ve had Nala for over a month now and she’s settled in incredibly well! It’s been such a joy watching her learn and discover new things and as much as we’ve (hopefully) changed her life, she’s changed ours too. She’s such a funny character and has a proper little personality! Nala loves watching tv, long walks and is fantastic with all of the children in our family too!
We’ve always wanted to rescue a dog and now was the perfect time – it isn’t always easy but it is the most rewarding feeling and we couldn’t be happier with the latest addition to our family. And now that we’ve experienced it, we urge anyone that is looking to get a pet, to adopt and rescue one.” – Nala’s owners


We have been dying to update you on our lovable rogue, Tiggy! 
During his six month stay, we never sugar coated it, Tiggy was a handful and needed a patient and experienced owner. Even though he was never the easiest cat to handle and he was always the boss, we couldn’t help but still absolutely adore him! He is SUCH a cool character… and after all, who doesn’t like a bit of a bad boy?!
Tiggy is a strong willed guy who was used to living outdoors so we had an especially hard time finding a home as we knew he would be happier in a rural location with a quiet household. 
We did notice that after a couple of months of settling into the cattery lifestyle, he started to show signs of letting his guard down so we knew in our hearts he had great potential to be the perfect pal for someone one day.
We never give up on these animals and in the end, Tiggy’s wait was worthwhile as he has landed himself an absolutely incredible home. He was adopted on the 5th November and we cannot believe the change in him. It is always going to be a slow and steady settling in for any animal so he still has a way to go but we are over the moon at how happy he looks. You can see him in his new home and what his owner has said below!

He has been doing really well. I’m just being very patient and letting him come out on his own terms. We are making real progress; he came to sit on my knee entirely without encouragement! He has spent the last two hours cuddling up against me and purring very loudly! He seems a lot happier again today.” – Tiggy’s owner

Elsa & Anna

This story is incredibly special and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome of it all. 
It all started when Elsa (Previously known as Ivy) came to us in August as a heavily pregnant stray. She gave birth after being here for six days to five beautiful little girls. We let her nurse them and she did a fantastic job but after nine weeks she was certainly ready to move on from her motherly duties so we set to find her a forever home. 
She was adopted into a fabulous family on the 5th November and we had updates to say how well she was doing. 
In a passing conversation with her family, we happened to mention that one of her babies was still searching for a home and they just couldn’t resist! They brought Elsa down to meet her and we were pretty sure it wouldn’t be a lovey reunion because it is a strange environment here and mum and daughter had been separated for a few weeks.. and we were right. Elsa hissed a few times and didn’t seem interested in her daughter but we assured the family that this would settle down in a home. They just needed a few weeks/months to get used to each other again and they should be able to at least tolerate each other. 
Little baby Anna went home with them that same day on the 23rd November. After just one week we received the below pictures and we are absolutely stunned at how fast they have bonded.. they make the most adorable duo! 

“The cats have settled really well and are now part of the family and have found their forever home. The RSPCA were fantastic and helpful in the rehoming process.” – Elsa & Anna’s owner

Mimi & Moon

Following on from Elsa’s kittens, Mimi and Moon were two from her litter who were also adopted recently on the 3rd November. They are two beautiful white girls with the cutest black splodges on their heads. 
Their new mum had to choose which kittens she wanted to take home and had quite a hard time as this litter were especially gorgeous and had the sweetest little personalities. She finally chose these two girls and they have settled wonderfully in her home. They now have children to play with and their new mum is home most of the time to keep them company. 
We couldn’t be happier with how their story has turned out!

“The girls are getting on really well. They are very playful, which is lovely to watch.
Thank you again for all of your help. My phone is full on kittens pictures now!
I am so glad I had two kittens, they love being with each other, always sleeping together and playing. They are a joy to have.”

These two kittens are just two out of six that we have available at the moment. To find out more, please click the button below the video!