November 2020 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

The past 8 months have been extremely difficult here at Hillfield Animal Home and, like many other charities, our funds have dipped as we are unable to hold any fundraising events. We rely heavily on the generosity of the public, therefore if you are able to help in any way, we would really appreciate it.

Santa Paws 2020!

We are over the moon to say that our local Pets at Home are supporting us once again with the Santa Paws event this year!
The event is to support animals at Christmas time who don’t have a family. Here at Hillfield Animal Home we don’t get a Christmas break, the animals need us 7 days a week, all year round so we need your help so that we can continue our vital work, especially at such a difficult time. To find out more or to donate, please click the button below.
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We have been able to carry out adoptions from the 17th April 2020, following very strict guidelines from RSPCA headquarters and DEFRA, ensuring the safety of staff and public at all times.

We are pleased to say that we have managed to successfully re-home 124 cats, 47 dogs, 24 rabbits and 4 guinea pigs during this time!
Check out some of our success stories below from the past month!


Big girl Wilma came to us in July 2020 after a lady had rescued her from a puppy farm where she was being sold for cheap online. The lady took her home and sadly her dogs were not happy by her presence so she turned to us. 
Wilma is a Caucasian Shepherd so she is naturally a very big girl and very fluffy! This meant we needed a particular home for her as not everyone can handle such a big dog. 
She went to live with a couple in August that we trusted very much and we knew them from when they had adopted previously. 
Unfortunately she was back with us just over two weeks later as she had pulled the lady over and it was a concern for everyone as we didn’t want anyone getting injured. 
We were back to searching for her forever home and we thought we were getting nowhere until a pair of lovely people came forward who had adopted from us back in July this year. 
Some of you may remember our August blog, if not, you can take a look here:
Bruno was adopted by these wonderful people and had an incredible three months with them but sadly he passed away in October 2020 due to an illness. They did everything they could and we are forever grateful for the happiness they gave Bruno in the last months of his life. 
They were missing him greatly but knew they could give Wilma the home she deserves so decided to take her home. She was officially adopted on 14th November 2020 and although she is a very cheeky monkey, they couldn’t be happier with her. 

“Wilma is beginning to settle in now and losing her aloofness. She’s greeting us in the morning, rather than ignoring us until her breakfast is presented. She really enjoys her walks and being in the garden where she bounces around like a pinball. We were relieved to find that she reacts to fireworks by treating them as a threat so just barks back at them. She’s still an obstinate so-and-so but is starting to learn the rules, coming back when called, although intermittently and chicken skin bribes help. She’s learnt about paw drying on entering the house and seems to be content here, snoozing with a snore not dissimilar to a pneumatic drill! ” 


When this beautiful girl came to us in October 2020, we knew she wouldn’t be here long because how could anyone resist that gorgeous face!? She had the most perfect personality to match too.
She’s a five year old Saluki and unfortunately her owner had health issues and found themselves unable to cope so a very kind dog walker brought her to us as she knew we would be able to do best by her. 
Daisy had her vet check and the necessary vaccinations and due to our waiting list to adopt, we were able to find the perfect match almost immediately. She was officially adopted on 1st November 2020 and has very much landed on her feet with her new family. You can see from the photo’s below just how settled and content she is!

“Well… it’s like she’s always been here! Such a lovely natured dog and she loves the bed, especially next to the hubby! Couldn’t imagine being without her. Thank you all so much.”


 Crazy girl Roxy had us all smiling as soon as she arrived here in October 2020! She is such a happy girl and adapts incredibly well to new surroundings. You could hear Roxy from a mile away with her powerful bark, she liked to let you know of her presence! The kennel staff have said she was a firm favourite and that she was an absolute pleasure to walk
She came to us through no fault of her own, her previous owners were struggling with health issues and felt she needed someone who could give her more. 
Roxy stayed with us for only three weeks before she found her new family and now she is putting a smile on their faces. We did warn them that she’s a barker but as you can read from their quote below, she has been good as gold since being home. Sometimes animals can show different behaviours here with us because of the environment so we are thrilled she is being such a good girl!

“She is a lovely well behaved dog and hasn’t stopped wagging her tail since she got here. To say we are pleased to have her would be a massive understatement. You warned us of her barking but she hasn’t barked at all since she has been with us. She just seems to be the happiest  ”