October 2021 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

Autumn Fair 2021

Most of you will have seen and some of you may have even attended, we had our first fundraising event on the 24th October and we are pleased to say that it was a HUGE success!
Thanks to you all, we raised an amazing amount of £3,740.47!
Not having the funding coming into our centre for over a year and a half has been tough but it is looking like we are coming out of the other side now and with your help, we can continue our vital work to help save these poor animals that find themselves here. 
We will not be able to hold another event this year but hopefully come next summer we can welcome you all back again for another get together! Keep an eye on our website for details.
Check out some of the pictures from our Autumn Fair below!

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We would like to say a special thank you to the family and friends of the late Susan Andrews for donating £264.16 in memory of this much loved lady. Our sincere condolences to you all.


We have some kittens coming up soon that will need very special homes so please do get in touch if you would like more information! 

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Golden oldie, Lemmy, came to us back in August and won the hearts of us all immediately. He was always such a gentleman and pleasure to be around, we would even have him in the office most days as he was no trouble at all. 
Being 14 years old, he had a few health problems that needed attention such as bad teeth, stiff joints, lumps on his body and his kidney function wasn’t great but this is expected at his age. He had a dental where two of this teeth were removed and whilst under anaesthetic his lumps were looked at and biopsy’s were taken. Thankfully the lumps are non-cancerous and would be more trouble to removed so he will be just fine! 
As for his kidneys, he was placed on a renal diet and will need blood tests every 6 months. 
He had been through so much for such an old lad so once he was on the mend we started a search for a loving family to let him retire with. 
On the 7th October he was re-homed to a couple who have adopted from us many times before and they even have a little girlfriend for him! They adopted Sally the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel from us a year ago so Lemmy now has her to spend his twilight years with. 
You can see him in his new home below and also if you look closely at our Autumn Fair photo’s at the top of the page, Lemmy and Sally made an appearance! 

“Lemmy is doing well, we went for a short walk at Branston Water Park this morning. He has two short walks a day. He loves going out and loves meeting people and other dogs. He has quietly settled with our Cavalier Spaniel and they seem to be company for each other. Already he has found a place in our hearts and we are so pleased to have him.” – Lemmy’s owner


This gorgeous momma, Jellybean, originally came to us way back in July after being reported as a long term stray and no one was claiming her. It was quickly realised when she arrived here that she was pregnant so of course we waiting for her to have her babies. 
She gave birth on the 11th August and did a wonderful job of raising her beautiful babies for 9 weeks. By the end of the 9 weeks she was well and truly over motherhood and wanted to start her own life. We got her spayed as soon as we could and finally started to look for a home. 
She was always such a delightful little girl who loved to be around us so we knew in a home she would make the loveliest companion. 
She was re-homed on the 17th October and hasn’t looked back since! Her new family adore her and she is getting treated like the princess she is finally. 
You can see how happy she is in her new home below!

“She has us both wrapped around her little paw and is the cutest little bean!
She loves to play, so has a whole corner of toys! Comes for cuddles and attention and has turned into our alarm clock for breakfast in the morning!
She’s slotted right in, and is the perfect addition as our first fur baby!” – Jellybean’s owner


Timid little Belle came to us on the 14th October after being sadly kept in a cage and we are unsure how long this was for. 
During her two week stay with us, she didn’t give much away and spent all day curled up looking rather sad. We tried to interact with her but she wasn’t interested. 
She was placed onto our website and quite quickly we had a call to say someone was interested in meeting her after losing their beloved cat not long ago. 
We explained her story and how quiet and timid she is here and then they were down at the centre within half an hour, talk about eager! 
After meeting her they couldn’t wait to take her home and give her a chance at being happy. We didn’t see the point her waiting any longer so we got the paperwork done and off she went. 
On the same day we were sent pictures of Belle in her new home and we didn’t recognise her! 
We had no idea she was such a playful and happy little girl deep down and so relieved they decided to take her as they are clearly a match made in heaven. 

“She is an angel, went and hid a little but she came out. She likes that spot on the couch because she can see my parents coming in and out the room especially at dinner time!”

Belle came to us with another cat called Casper. They were both kept in cages separately and he is still searching for his happily ever after. We believe that, given a chance, Casper will be just as happy and comfortable as Belle now is. To find out more about him, click the button below..

Ragnar & Lagertha

We’ve had our usual busy kitten season this past year, with this litter being just one of many. 
Ragnar and Lagertha were born at our centre on the 22nd July 2021 after their mum, Jasmine, had arrived as a heavily pregnant stray. 
Keeping a close eye on them and mum, we let Jasmine work her magic in raising them and before we knew it, they were all ready to fly the nest!
These babies were so lovely and beautiful but lets be honest, what kitten isn’t!? We knew they wouldn’t be here long and we were also lucky enough to find their mum a home as soon as she was ready too. 
Ragnar and Lagertha in particular were re-homed on the 25th September but we have recently had news about how fantastic they are doing and couldn’t resist sharing it with you all!

“They have both settled in so well and we felt like we had them forever after just a few days.
They greet me every morning with the biggest meows and purrs while they chase me round the kitchen as I sort their breakfast.
They are into absolutely everything and love nothing more than finding the most unusual places to sleep, even in my hood. We think some days they forget they are cats and they sit watching us eat, playing fetch and dribbling their ball.
We are so happy they are now part of our family and thank you for choosing us.” – Ragnar & Lagertha’s owner


Little Arthur is another kitten who, along with his four brothers, was born here at the centre. He was born on the 4th August and his mum, Daisy, did the most amazing job with her babies. All of the cat mums we have had this year have been brilliant mothers but Daisy in particular needed no extra help from us as she knew exactly what to do. 
A little background information on this lot.. Daisy first gave birth to a litter in a building yard back in April. She is semi-feral so back in April we were unfortunately unable to catch her but we kept her first lot of babies and re-homed them. 
By the time we caught her in July, she was pregnant again so we kept her here whilst she looked after her second litter. 
Arthur’s mum has now gone to live on a small holding so that she can be looked after but also have the freedom of lots of open space as she is incredibly scared of humans. 
Arthur was re-homed on the 20th October to a really loving family and has even since had an adopted brother join his home too and they are the best of friends!

“Arthur came to us a shy little fella that wasn’t too keen on being handled. We adopted another little fella Colin. Instantly they became the best of friends, having a buddy has been great for Arthur, he is now the first to greet you and first on your lap where he sits purring away. He’s found his true self and is loving life.” – Arthur’s owner