October 2020 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

The past 7 months have been extremely difficult here at Hillfield Animal Home and, like many other charities, our funds have dipped as we are unable to hold any fundraising events. We rely heavily on the generosity of the public, therefore if you are able to help in any way, we would really appreciate it.

Morrisons to the rescue!

This past month, Burton and Derby Morrisons have both been extremely generous and dropped off two lots of donations for our animals. 
Some supermarkets, such as Morrisons, have donation bins in their stores for you to buy food for us so please do check it out next time you do your weekly shop!
Our dogs particularly like Chappie tinned meat, the cats like to eat Whiskas or Felix meat and the rabbits enjoy Burgess nuggets.
Thank you!

We would like to say a very special thank you to Shacklocks LLP who have recently been in touch to tell us that we were chosen this year to receive funds from the Russell Swinson Memorial Trust. We are over the moon that a very kind soul decided to distribute their estate to animal charity’s and we received a very generous amount of £5000 in October 2020.
This money couldn’t have come at a better time as we have struggled tremendously during the pandemic. Thank you to everyone who leaves a legacy for our animals, they are extremely grateful that they are in your thoughts and these types of donation are what we rely on so heavily to keep running.

Did you know you can now shop online with us?
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We have been able to carry out adoptions from the 17th April 2020, following very strict guidelines from RSPCA headquarters and DEFRA, ensuring the safety of staff and public at all times.

We are pleased to say that we have managed to successfully re-home 105 cats, 43 dogs, 23 rabbits and 2 guinea pigs during this time!
Check out some of our success stories below from the past month!


Our extremely handsome chap, Nelson, gave us a rollercoaster of emotions during his stay with us and after his rocky start became a firm favourite with everyone he met here at our centre. 
He came to us in July 2020 after being kept in poor conditions and absolutely no socialisation, meaning he was scared of his own shadow. Coming to us was especially scary for Nelson so we took it very slowly with him at the start, as he made it quite clear he didn’t want us near him. 
After a couple of weeks he gradually started to let certain members of staff near him because they worked so hard to gain his trust. Fast forward a few months and he is still a little wary but he has well and truly shown us his loving and gentle side thanks to our amazing hard working staff! 
Due to the fact it took us a couple of months to be able to walk Nelson and get him to trust us, we were unable to get him to the vets until September. He desperately needed a dental as his mouth seemed to be causing him discomfort and was rather smelly. He went under for his operation in September and due to some complications he unfortunately came out with a nasty infection, fractured jaw and minus 33 teeth! We were told that all of this is a lot to deal with and would be very difficult to heal but he had already shown us what a true fighter he is so we brought him back to the centre with lots of medication and started his healing journey. 
After a few weeks on antibiotics and pain killers, he went for an x-ray and we were over the moon at how well he had fought his fracture and infection.
Now that he had shown us what a miracle he is, we knew he was ready to find his new family but we needed a very particular home for this boy as he was still very nervous of new people. 
He got quite a lot of attention and applications and within these applications we found a couple who have a female Bassett called Betty. They explained how they have had plenty of experience with nervous Bassett’s, their home was perfect for him and we found that he really thrives around other dogs so the fact they have another dog sounded perfect! 
After lots of visits and getting to know Nelson, his adoption day finally came on 16th October 2020. It was a very emotional day for all and the centre hasn’t been the same without this special boy but we are thrilled at how well he is doing after having such a sad start to his life. 
His new family have sent a few updates and also sent a picture of him sleeping with his new best friend!

“He’s settling in just fine, he had a couple of accidents but he is fine now. He follows me everywhere and doesn’t like it when he can’t see or hear me but that’s only to be expected, as he adapts he will learn I am always coming back. He and Betty were zooming around the garden last night playing chase, never knew Bassett’s could move that fast!
We hoped they would lie together but not this quickly! He really is a beauty, thank you so much!” 


Our quiet girl, Louise, broke our hearts when she came to us in August 2020. We had a phone call from a very kind gentleman who was concerned about his neighbours cat. He explained how his neighbour had sadly passed away in December 2019, leaving behind his beloved cat, Louise. The lovely neighbours had done the best they could to feed her every day but it was coming to a time where the house had to be sold and therefore, Louise needed somewhere to go. This meant Louise had been living without her loving owner for 8 months and this had a huge impact on this poor little soul because when she came to us she was extremely frightened and her fur was all matted.
The neighbours said that she was very much a loving lap cat with her previous owner so we knew she had great potential.
We were absolutely right because when she found her new home on 10th October 2020, her new family sent us immediate updates to say how amazingly well she had settled and so quickly! We expected her to take a while to come out of her shell but she obviously felt right at home straight away. She is absolutely loving all of the fuss and attention she is getting in her new home. The owner’s granddaughter was a great help throughout the whole process as she was the one who spotted Louise for her nan. She sent over some lovely pictures of Louise in her new home and also some tear-jerking words, be sure to have tissues at the ready!

“After reading Louise’s story on the RSPCA website about the passing of her owner, I knew I had to reach out to adopt her for my nan who has found herself alone since the passing of my grandad last year. Watching the two of them bond and seeing Louise go from a scared, timid cat who would sometimes lash out when being approached, to confidently walking up to house visitors and lapping up all the fuss within just a few short days of being adopted, has been so beautiful to see. My nan may have provided Louise with her forever home, but Louise has provided my nan with the love and company she’s long needed. We can’t thank the RSPCA enough for all their hard work and the good they do for all the animals in need of their help. Thank you.”

Cher & Suki

This cheeky pair of girlies had a long stay here, they came to us in June 2020 along with 6 kittens because their owner had too many animals. Cher is actually Suki’s grandmother so they share a very special bond and nursed their kittens together. 
Once their motherly duties were coming to an end, they were ready to start their own lives in a home just for them! 
We were surprised at how little interest they had but we do often find it is harder to re-home a pair of cats as it is more responsibility. We definitely didn’t want to separate them so we just needed to hold onto hope that someone would come along and luckily, the perfect lady did! 
We were extremely grateful as this lady went well out of her way and travelled 3 hours to come and see them. They were adopted on 29th September 2020 and are now living a life of luxury down south.
Their new owner sent a very lovely message shortly after their adoption: 

“If I had known then what I know now, I would have re-named the girls Thelma and Louise!
From the “great dry food tub” attempted break in, to the theft of the defrosted chicken breasts, these two are trouble! 
Equally, Cher loves nothing more than laying on my lap for uninterrupted, constant affection. Suki prefers to attack my feet when I’m in bed, Cher isn’t ready for that yet, although I was pleasantly surprised to have her greet me this morning when I woke up. 
The girls settled in immediately, with Cher instantly showing her gratitude by wanting constant attention and hopping from one front paw to the other in eager anticipation of it. 
They came into my life at a point where I was extremely unhappy. I knew the unconditional love of a pet would help me, but receiving double the love and affection has been the best cure ever! I have absolutely no regrets! I guess you could say, I didn’t rescue them, they rescued me.” 


Big boy Arthur may look like a big bruiser but he is quite the opposite. He has shown us that he is actually quite a timid and shy little soul. The only time he plays up is when we have to de-flea and worm him but this is purely out of fear. 
He has unfortunately found himself with us twice this year. He originally came to us in February 2020 after being a long term stray so we are completely unaware of his past. Due to being stray, he had quite a rough look to him and didn’t quite trust new people so it took three months for him to be re-homed. Sadly this home didn’t work out because he was acting very independently and didn’t seem to relax so he was back with us in July. 
We were really sad for him but knew a lot more this time the type of home that he needed. Thankfully, some very patient and experienced ladies came along and adopted Arthur on 4th October 2020. He went to live with a dog, cat and a chicken! We were eager to know how he would deal with such a big change in his life but he has not looked back. We have received some lovely photo’s of him snoozing the days away and he seems rather happy with his new little family.

“Arthur is doing well so far. He sleeps on my bed, is OK with the dog if she doesn’t move too fast and is making friends with my other cat slowly. We love Arthur!”


Frankie found himself with us in August 2020 after being found as a stray.  Sadly no one came forward for this fur baby so we soon after put him up for adoption. He was always a sweet little boy and we desperately wanted to find him a female rabbit to be paired with. 
A rabbit that had previously been adopted from us in June 2020 had sadly lost her friend so they came back to us looking for a male to pair with her and we had just the boy for the job!
They adopted him on 6th October. We went through the whole bonding process and warned it may take a while, as it sometimes can. Luckily, these two took to each other immediately and are absolutely inseparable. Just look at the photo’s they have sent us, they make the sweetest couple. His new family sent us an email on their progress too:

“We adopted Frankie last week and I just thought you’d like an update. Our aim was to slowly bond him with Molly, who we adopted from you in June, but that wasn’t required as they became instant best friends and are generally inseparable already. We do often wonder how many rabbits we have as they never keep still so when we are trying to clean them out, it’s like there are six of them!”