September 2021 – Keeping up with Hillfield Animal Home

Welcome to our September 2021 blog!

As it gets colder, we seem to be getting busier with both re-homing (which is great!) but sadly animals coming into us too. Our Cattery has been full for months now and we are operating a waiting list with more waiting to come in. 
On the other hand, we have been re-homing our dogs and cats brilliantly. You can see some happy ending stories further down!
It isn’t out of the ordinary for us to see a drop in bunny adoptions when it starts to get colder but if you know anyone who would like to give a rabbit a loving home, please send them our way!

Introducing our six beautiful XL Bullies!

Some of you may recognise these lovely faces from our recent Facebook post, for those of you that don’t, please meet Nala, Piglet, Robyn, Boss, Violet and Flint!

On the 1st October 2020, we took a phone call from one of our Inspectors to ask for help regarding 6 XL Bullies that had had their ears cropped. Of course we obliged.. and these 6 beauties started the long process of awaiting a trail date for their owner to be prosecuted for illegal ear cropping.
Ear cropping is illegal in the UK and is a horrendous, barbaric mutilation that has no benefit to the dog. It’s cruel and painful and can cause no end of problems for the dog.
Their previous owner has now been prosecuted, so we can now get the ball rolling with finding them amazing homes. Flint and Robyn were lucky enough to find amazing foster homes who have now adopted them.
We will be looking for homes for the remaining lot so please feel free to fill out an application form on our “Adopt a Pet” page. (Please note that we are receiving a lot of interest so if you do not hear from us within a week or so then please assume you have been unsuccessful at this time.)
We are hoping they will all be re-homed by the end of October so keep an eye out for our October blog for more updates on these guys!
You can read more on their story here: 
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Skinny and frightened Luna came to us in July 2021 after her owner was sadly struggling with mental health issues. The owner’s health problems meant that Luna wasn’t getting the care she needed and she was in a bit of a state when a family member brought her to us. 
After taking time and patience to settle Luna into the kennels, we focused mostly on getting her weight up as she was terribly underweight. Due to lack of nutrition, her coat was dull and had small matts all over too. As she is a Saluki cross Lurcher, she is supposed to be slender but she definitely needed more meat on her bones as you can see below:

Once she started putting on weight, we started her re-homing journey. As she is quite a sensitive little soul, we needed someone who would be willing to visit quite a few times before adopting her as she finds new people and situations quite scary.
We certainly didn’t need to look far as Luna caught the eye of one of our dog walking volunteers. We can’t blame her because Luna is the most beautiful and gentle girl who just needed time to show you her true beautiful colours. 
After quite a few visits, she was adopted on the 18th September and seeing the update below that they recently sent us, she has settled in wonderfully! 

“She is doing really well. She’s settled into home life and loves being part of the family. We are slowly building up her confidence with her walks although she is still nervous of some noises and boisterous dogs. 
She has visited the vet today for a weigh-in and check-up and is progressing well.
Her favourite activities are scoping the garden for squirrels, chasing her tennis ball around the garden and of course in true Lurcher style, stretching out on the sofa!
We are all really happy to have her as part of our family.”

– Luna’s owner


Lulu had a tough start to life and unfortunately had a traumatic history of being physically abused and tormented. Her stay with us totalled to a whopping 7 months overall.
Understandably when she first came into the shelter, Lulu was terrified and was lunging and hissing trying to protect herself. Lulu didn’t trust any of us, and we worried that her fear of humans was already too deep to reverse… but we didn’t give up. It’s taken blood sweat and tears to get her ready to start a new life and we are so incredibly proud of the progress our little Lulu made.
Lulu may always be a work in progress, but she is SO worth it. From the first hand sniff, the first purr and the first time she sat on our laps, every little step she took made us so incredibly proud and being a part of her life and journey was a total privilege. 
Lulu is bright, playful, intelligent and once she gets to know you, super friendly. She is inquisitive, greedy, chilled but SO funny to watch when she skips around giddily chasing her bouncy ball. She struggles to trust, and can still have a tendency to lash out when she feels threatened, but this is to be expected when she had such a traumatic past. Lulu needed someone with experience with cats so they can understand her cues and give her lots of patience and space. 
She was actually re-homed in April but sadly she came back to us the following month because it just wasn’t the right match. Her next search for a home went on for four months but we were determined to find the PERFECT match and that’s just what we did.
She was adopted on the 4th September and we are over the moon at how well she is settling. She still has a long road ahead but her new owners are wonderful and have given her the space and time she needs. You can see her in her new home below!

“As you will see she is settling in and the lovely side of her is always there. Doing a lot of exploring and of course staking her territory.
She has insisted on taking a look outside (like’ every window that is ajar she wants to get through) so we have allowed her outside, we don’t take our eye of her and she soon comes skating back.
We are sure she is beginning to think ‘this could be my place’.”

– Lulu’s owner ♥


Sweet little Daisy-Lou is a three year old beautiful girl who came to us as her owner was moving into a property with dogs and they didn’t think Daisy-Lou would cope very well with the change. 
Daisy-Lou struggled an awful lot with the cattery lifestyle as she is very fragile and nervous natured to begin with. When spending time with her, after a little while she would start to feel comfortable and show her incredibly loving side. We knew as long as someone could look past her initial scared behaviour then she would make a very loving and loyal companion. 
Her stay with us ended up being 19 days, which isn’t bad at all! She was adopted on the 20th September and is settling in slowly but wonderfully. 

“Daisy came home with us at lunchtime last Monday and spent the first day in hiding until she eventually came out to see us at 8 o’clock in the evening.  Since then she has got more confident each day and is really settling in very well.  We think she likes her new home.  We already love her to bits!”
– Daisy-Lou’s owner ♥


Scarecrow Festival 2021

In August the residents of Brizlincote took part in their Scarecrow Festival once again to raise money for our animal home. They did this for us last year and have done just as fantastic this year.
They raised just over £50 and just look at their fantastic creations!



Burton Morrisons often have donations for us but at the beginning of September they had half a van full all for our animals, we couldn’t believe our luck!